ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

The Garden Project

Five of the ChangeMakers young women — Jasibe, Juliana, Vanesa, Maria José, & Diana — are working with our Program Coordinator Mónica and her husband Axel to begin a second community garden.  This large fenced garden is in San Juan Cosalá on land loaned to us by Inspiradora Irma Rameño.  We are fortunate to have Francisco Nava, Master Gardener and educator, to teach our young women about the needs of the plants and seeds they are growing, how to prepare the land, which plants need more alkaline PH or acid PH, etc. 

Watch for a video soon by Francisco on our Facebook page to learn more about this new garden project.  For now, we could use some “seed money” to purchase tools, hoses, gloves, and other garden essentials.  They are working now with one shovel!

Creating Change in San Juan Cosala

Francisco Nava and ChangeMakers have teamed up on a second garden project in San Juan Cosala. “Monica Masini, Program Coordinator for ChangeMakers asked me if I’d be interested in teaching the young ladies of the

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Week 2 – Conscious Garden Design

Our second week at the ChangeMaker’s huerto/garden in San Juan Cosala brought some new community members who wanted to participate:  Jaime Compatzin and his son.Jaime and his family own a floral shop in San Juan

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Soruya – The Garden Mascot

Meet Soruya, the garden mascot for the ChangeMakers / Creando Cambios garden/orchard in San Juan Cosalá, The garden has been named Huerto Coxala, and Soruya lives in the lot next door. Huerto Coxala is a

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The Garden Ritual

Opening Circle Francisco baked a garden squash/sweet potato pie with coconut crust for the garden group and selected the first piece as his offering. Our Huerto Project Coordinator, Monica Masini Aguilera, led us in an

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