ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Meet Soruya, the garden mascot for the ChangeMakers / Creando Cambios garden/orchard in San Juan Cosalá, The garden has been named Huerto Coxala, and Soruya lives in the lot next door.

Huerto Coxala is a project aimed at demonstrating to the SJC community that we can build something important together with community members as ChangeMakers. The girls and their families are provided tools and knowledge about how to grow their own food and medicinal plants, and the process contributes to their developmental learning about how to care for themselves. They, in turn, teach others.

Francisco Nava shares his experience and teaches the young women about gardening and Irma Rameño has donated the garden space. A grant from the Lake Chapala Garden Club and donations from expats have provided the resources necessary to begin this community project, under the leadership of Mónica Masini, our ChangeMakers Project Coordinator.

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