ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Opening Circle
Francisco baked a garden squash/sweet potato pie with coconut crust for the garden group and selected the first piece as his offering.

Our Huerto Project Coordinator, Monica Masini Aguilera, led us in an indigenous ritual of thanks for the wonderful resources that Pacha Mama has given to us -the earth, the water, the sun and the air.
Monica explained all of the items used in our opening circle and ritual.  Part of the ritual was selecting items brought for the offerenda or offering to mother earth.

Each one of us selected the best of our offerings creating a beautiful gift
Francisco Nava- Our first Inspirador!

Francisco has been instrumental in making Huerto Coxala de Creando Cambios, our community garden in San Juan Cosalá, a teaching experience for our ChangeMakers young women and the community at large.

Read More about the making of Huerto Coxala on his blog:  Travels in Mexico
Shopping Basket