ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Lifting Up Young Mexican Women

ChangeMakers began in 2020 as a new program at Lakeside focusing on empowering girls. Our purpose is to help young women to become successful by assisting with education, information, and personal support. It is our hope that the young women will in turn strengthen their communities by sharing their skills and knowledge with others.

Our first cohort of 12 girls in 2020 was centered in the Jocotepec Municipality. We are focusing in 2021 primarily in the Chapala Municipality with a different approach. Working in conjunction with the SAFE scholarship program (Save a Future with Education), we are providing financial assistance to low-income girls to enroll, attend and graduate from Preparatoria (high school). Attending high school requires computers. Most girls from low-income families have only a cell phone, usually an old one with a cracked screen. So besides providing a financial scholarship each semester, ChangeMakers makes sure each participant has the technology she needs. We loan each girl a new laptop which will be gifted to her upon graduation from Prepa.

Girls are also offered English classes free of charge.

Financial Assistance Scholarship + Laptop + English as a Second Language Classes = Building a Successful Future

Become a part of the change.

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