gender class 3

Young Roots Workshop-Gender Class

Itzelín Mata was our featured speaker at a recent weekly Young Roots workshop.  Itzelín teaches young women at ITESO University in Guadalajara about Gender Communication and Culture. 

In this special class about the differences between the terms “gender” and “sex”, Itzelín explained how young women are taught to perceive contrasting gender roles from boys in their homes, families and schools.  This class enabled our young women to share their points of view about this subject of whether men and women are really equal in rights, and how attitudes influence how tasks are managed according to gender within their homes.  


Their assignment was to think about small changes and little actions they can do in their personal situations and relationships to begin making a change in the perceptions of their families and classmates regarding gender equality.

We are fortunate to have Itzelín Mata as an Inspiradora for ChangeMakers / Creando Cambios.  We thank her for sharing her knowledge and expertise with our program participants.  

We welcome your comments and suggestions about how our young women can make small changes in their lives to ultimately influence community perceptions about the roles of women.