ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

The Guadalajara Reporter - August 2020

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ChangeMakers girls speak out

Guadalajara Reporter 
August 29 – Sept 4, 2020
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The ChangeMakers Lake Chapala program aims to help girls to become successful in their chosen fields by assisting with education, information and personal support.  The girls, in turn, strengthen their communities by sharing their skills and knowledge with others.

Several girls who are participating in ChangeMakers Lake Chapala recently opened up about how the lakeside initiative is helping their development.  The CM board says the responses have provided useful guidance on how to make the program even more relevant.  Here is a sample of their answers.  The girls’ full names have been withheld, and their responses have been translated into English, with minor editing for clarification.

This new program has helped me in many aspects, but the main change is that I am beginning to accept myself.  Before, it was very difficult for me to accept myself as I am.  Now I can also be more at peace with myself.  Before I was very concerned about what others said about me.  I asked questions like, “Am I doing it right? What do others think of me? I am weird?”. – Vanessa

I have discovered that I am capable of things that I did not know of.  Among the activities that we have done, the most important for me, and which I learned the most from, have been yoga practices and psychology classes. Now I feel both physically and psychologically well. – Jimena

An activity that I love is Monica’s teachings about our indigenous cultures, to reconnect with them with dances, songs, and new words. I feel very relaxed and more connected with nature and my roots. And, most importantly, our Young Roots workshop, in which we talk about our experiences and how we came to enter this program, and how we want to change some aspect of our personality and to become better people.  – Jasibe

I love the trust that exists today with all the ChangeMakers participants and how we listen to each other, how we see our surroundings, what we want to achieve and how we will do it.  – Alondra

I now relate better to my brothers.  I try to help them as much as I can.  I became closer to my parents and have more confidence to talk or to tell them something.  I recognize and am more interested in knowing my lineage, both maternal and paternal.  Thy are an important part of me because I can reflect on them and see that we have many things in common. – Jazmín

Being in this space is really magical.  You enter without knowing anything about yourself, and as time goes by you manage to fill all those black holes that you have.  Thanks to this space I have met incredible people, full of dreams and goals to fulfill.  – Juliana

The English classes with carol have helped me a lot, since I have learned better pronunciation.  We have made cooking recipes and I am learning new things, words and pronunciations, and carol Curtis is an incredible person. – Maria Jose

The ChangeMakers program includes the obligatory Young Roots class, as well as the opportunity to participate in a weekly Breath & Balance class and become part of a community garden/huerto In San Juan Cosalá, under the guidance of Francisco Nava.  If girls wish, they can learn English through an existing program in San Juan Cosalá.  When the Young Roots curriculum has been completed, the idea is to begin working with each participant on an individual plan toward attaining her life goals and career plans.  Volunteers and supporters are asked to send any suggestions for the program to

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