ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

About Our Logo

We developed a logo that represents change and growth because ChangeMakers is about growth and development for motivated young women.

The orchid is a special flower that shows strength.  It is long-lasting, and it is in almost perpetual development with the stem that has buds as well as flowers in full bloom for most of its blooming season.  When properly cared for and cultivated, orchids are striking and amazing.  So are our ChangeMakers program participants.  

Orchids have a mystique that sets them apart from other flowers.  The beauty of orchids is undeniable.  In short, orchids are special – just like our ChangeMakers.  

We are about GIRL emPOWERment.  A ChangeMaker is someone who takes creative action to solve a social problem.  Our young women  demonstrate that they are motivated to act.  They are pathfinders, forerunners and trendsetters.  They develop and create methods to overcome obstacles in their paths to personal and professional success.  ChangeMakers was formed to help girls to do exactly that.


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