ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

The Guadalajara Reporter - June 2020

(Article is reprinted below for easier reading)

Empowering girls in the time of Covid

ChangeMakers helps girls who are motivated, talented and resourceful change the trajectory of their lives.

By Sabrina Grossman

It may seem as if life is on hold, but the pandemic and the changes it has brought have not stopped ChangeMakers / Creando Cambios from moving ahead.

The purpose of this new Lakeside program is to help girls to become successful in their chosen fields by assisting with education, information and personal support.  The girls, in turn, strengthen their communities by sharing their skills and knowledge with others.

ChangeMakers helps girls who are motivated, talented and resourceful change the trajectory of their lives by providing the tools they need to realize those dreams.  This is done by supporting them in whatever ways are needed.  It includes both formal lessons, practical experiences, and mentoring so that they will develop the skills and attitudes necessary.

They will learn time and personal finance management skills.  English classes are provided both online and now “live.”  Community service projects are developed by the girls to help them see the value of altruism.  Formal lessons help each girl realize who she is, how her friends and family impact her self-image and dreams, and what she can do to change herself and help those around her meet their own challenges.  

Even though the girls have had to practice all the government requirements for Covid-19 safety, they have been able to complete community service projects, including making and taking healthy refreshments to the teams of police and health workers who are protecting lakeside.

Each girl has worked on introducing herself through a written portrait, as well as through art and videos.  These statements of “Who Am I?” movingly share how they feel about their life in transformation.  

A key benefit of the program is the chance to be mentored by adult Mexican women who have built successful lives.  They are the accomplished, amazing Inspiradoras (ones who inspire).

Even positive change can be scary, thanks to the Inspiradoras led by the program leader, Monica Masini Aguilera, the girls are able to share their thoughts, dreams, and hearts with another woman who understands the challenges they are facing and what it will take to become their own version of an Inspiradora.  

The Inspiradoras are joined by a dedicated group of expats who understand that success thrives best when it is homegrown.  Respect for the Mexican culture is in every decision of ChangeMakers.  As always, financial support is key.  Most good things in life require a financial outlay but there will be many small ways to “drop in and help out,” with a low financial or time commitment.  Teaming with the program leader, Monica, even expats with limited Spanish can share their career experiences or go to lunch with a girl and practice English/Spanish.  Someone with an eye for clothing design could help pull together a professional look for an interview.  We invite anyone interested in helping to complete the volunteer form that is on the web-page.  Ways to help are limited only by imagination.  

In this new, Covid-created culture much of what worked before will not work now.  We need to find ways to live well that can’t be based on waste.  We can’t waste the brain power of women anymore and we need to help boost our youngest, so they can find solutions to issues that will benefit everyone.  Once again, we need to embrace change with a capital C.  Many lakeside expats know this from experience.

Let’s help these young women develop and polish up their skills so they too can shine.

See for more information, and how to volunteer or donate.

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