ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Curriculum for Success

Mirame, Mirarte, Mirarnos

Look at me, Look at you, Look at us

The first semester curricula for ChangeMakers/Creando Cambios is aimed at helping the girls take a good look at themselves, their families and friends, and their community. There are four units with tasks that involve exploring themselves, their families and communities, and others who have become successful in ways that improved the lives of those around them.

This is a curricula approved by the Federal Commission of Human Rights, and modified by our program coordinator, Monica Masini Aguilera to meet the current needs of ChangeMakers girls.

Part 1: Who am I?  

This unit explores what qualities the girls already have, how body image can impact them, and how family and friends play a part in their emotions, intellect, and social status. The final unit activity is developing step one of their dream plan.

Part 2: My family and Friends

The girls discuss how both family and friends impact their ability to be successful. They identify those people in their lives who can help them reach their goals. Finally, and very importantly, they decide what they want and don’t want in a boyfriend. 

Part 3: The Community and the School

One task is to identify places in their community that resonates with them. Their job is to photograph these places and prepare a board that explains the locations and importance. They read two pieces of literature and discuss these with family and friends.  Finally, they interview a teacher who has made a difference in their lives. 

Part 4:  Culture and Society

The first task is to analyze TV shows, movies, and commercials to see what images they present about women. Then they read some historical literature.  They follow up with reading short biographies of famous people who made a difference.

Their final task will be a compilation of all that has been learned through this first semester. They will develop their own preliminary plan for success, tying that to what their families, friends, and community can offer them, as well as what roadblocks others may present. 

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