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Diario de Vanessa

My Introduction-Vanessa

I have been studying at the Jocotepec Jalisco Regional High School for a year. Upon entering high school we began to ask the typical questions: what do you want to be when you grow up? Honestly, I

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Mi Introducción-Vanessa

Mi nombre es Vanessa, estudio en la preparatoria regional de Jocotepec Jalisco desde hace un año. Al ingresar a la preparatoria nos comenzaron a hacer las típicas preguntas ¿qué quieres ser cuando seas mayor? Sinceramente

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Meeting Miss Jalisco

I’m Vanessa and I want to share my experience of meeting Mariana Macías (Miss Jalisco 2019). She had a very great impact on me when she shared how she pursued her dreams despite the fact

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Vanessa Replies:

This new program has helped me in many aspects, but my main change is that I am beginning to accept myself.  Before it was very difficult for me to accept myself as I am.  Now

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