ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

 I am 16 years old. I have four brothers. I am older than them. I enjoy music a lot so I studied and played music on the OFIRC. Thanks to that I was able to travel to many places and meet a lot of people.

I dream of becoming a marine biologist so I volunteered at the dolphinarium for one year. Now I study the professional technical career of Aquaculture in CETAC (Technological Studies of Intercontinental Waters Center) in Jocotepec.  

Other things I love doing are weight lifting and cheerleading. I am very active and I don’t like to sit and not do anything. 

I have also participated in several campaigns to raise awareness among people about taking care of the environment, and I was part of a DIF program called Agents of Change. I always try to look for new inspiring things to do. That´s why I am very excited now to be part of ChangeMakers. I want to do whatever is in my hands to improve my community and maybe someday, contribute for a better world. 

ChangeMakers, for me, is a project to support each other as women and look for positive ways to change our society. I think, all together, we can make a difference here and now.


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