ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Last year, I was enrolled in college in Guadalajara to study Communication Sciences.  I recently needed to interrupt my studies to work and save money.  

I consider myself a girl who is sociable, sincere, determined, trusts people, and likes to support other women. I am passionate about issues of feminism and I love participating in feminist marches, as well as gatherings where we listen to each other or support what we need.

ChangeMakers Lake Chapala revolutionized me.  They gave me the boost I needed to realize all the things that can be changed in a community.

The things I would like to study are: Photography, English, audiovisuals, women’s rights, law, journalism, painting, marketing, and advertising.

What do I expect by participating in this program? My expectations are very high. I hope this program will help me achieve my life goals and that I will one day be able to create a project that benefits my community. It’s what I always wanted to do: to leave a trace of me in my town.

That ChangeMakers can support me is a big gift for me. I want to help in any way I can, and thus make the Rivera de Chapala a better place for both women and men.

I have studied Communications, and I am also interested in law and journalism. ChangeMakers has given me a boost toward creating programs that benefit my community. 

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