ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Since I can remember, I have taken part in groups inside and outside school that benefit my personal interests and the community that I belong to. This is one of the reasons I admire this new ChangeMakers program.  I want to learn about the great resources that you have to offer, and how I can contribute, all with a personal and social objective.

I would also like to create a project or be part of one. I have experience with creating science projects, and being able to exhibit them before a judge. I still need to get to know more about the possibilities that exist in creating a project for my life and my community.


Every day I increase my productivity, little by little, reconstructing what I want to accomplish day by day. An example of this is the decision to take English classes and better my speech and comprehension. On my own time, I study the Korean language. I spend a few extra hours after school in activities for the science club, to better my project and receive tutorials. I attend a music class where I play the piano.

I would love to learn arts and languages so that I am able to communicate with another person, but more importantly to teach all that I know, to transmit the knowledge that I receive from others so that they in turn can teach me new things.

Thanks to having participated in so many things, I have acquired many experiences that I never thought would be possible at my young age. They have taught me that I can continue having more if I can believe in achieving my goals and objectives. My family is my main support, and I am grateful because, without them, I would not be the person I am now. From the beginning, they told me to achieve everything and that their support would always be with me.

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