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Diario de Jazmín

My Introduction-Jazmín

My aspirations in life are to finish my studies, so as to obtain a life with more opportunities and to eliminate financial problems.   I would like to learn English, as it is a language

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Mi Introducción-Jazmín

Mis aspiraciones en la vida son lograr finalizar mis estudios para tener una vida con un poco más de oportunidades,  para  no tener problemas en cuanto a lo económico, me gustaría aprender el idioma de

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Young Roots

“This class was very helpful because I learned how to manage my emotions and acquired techniques that in the future will be very beneficial.” The ChangeMakers curriculum for the first semester deals with helping young

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Jazmín Replies:

Personally, I take more care of myself. I love myself. I don’t feel bad about being the way I am because I learned that being me makes me special because of my essence. I better

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