ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Diario de Jasibe

My Introduction-Jasibe

 I am 16 years old. I have four brothers. I am older than them. I enjoy music a lot so I studied and played music on the OFIRC. Thanks to that I was able to travel

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Mi Introducción-Jasibe

Me llamo Jasibe tengo 16 años y soy la mayor de 4 hermanos. Me gusta la música, estudié por 5 años en la OFIRC, gracias a eso tuveoportunidad de viajar a muchos lugares, fui voluntaria

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Jasibe Replies:

“How to start this? I have learned so many things and I have had beautiful moments. Starting the activity of the garden created by Dawna and Rodrigo in San Antonio, I found it super interesting

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Our New Awakening-Jasibe

Each of the Girls admitted to the ChangeMakers program during the past two months was asked to express her feelings by creating a personal historic record of this pandemic process. The Girls chose to name

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ChangeMakers-Changing Families

ChangeMakers-Changing Families ChangeMaker participant Jasibe is an amazing 16-year-old, a talented musician, a cheerleader, weight lifter, and enthusiast for environmental change.  She dreams of becoming a marine biologist and volunteers at the dolphinarium in El

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San Juan Children’s Orchestra

San Juan Children’s Orchestra The Dec 13 presentation at Open Circle was performed by San Juan Children’s Orchestra and Chorus: Música de Mis Amores. Our ChangeMaker Jasibe is a member of Música Para Crecer and

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