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Itzelín Mata

Itzelín Mata is a Mexican researcher and activist, passionate about social justice and encouraging women and their communities to develop their own capacities and opportunities through a gender perspective.

She has focused her research and teaching efforts towards social development and the promotion of gender equality. Working with women in vulnerable situations, like immigrants, has reinforced the idea that we must develop communication strategies to eradicate any form of violence against women and girls, trying to promote their empowerment through education.

Itzelín has been teaching young women at ITESO University, some topics about Gender Communication and Culture in order to develop a gender security protocol and to incorporate new professional gender strategies in their careers.

She is also a mother of Diego and Daniela. Motherhood is a challenge for young Mexican mothers, who are struggling to conciliate strong cultural beliefs and the projection of new forms of maternity.

Updates from Itzelín

Young Roots Workshop-Gender Class

Itzelín Mata was our featured speaker at a recent weekly Young Roots workshop.  Itzelín teaches young women at ITESO University in Guadalajara about Gender Communication and Culture.  In this special class about the differences between

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