ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Irma Rameño García

Irma Rameño García is 36 years old and has lived in San Juan Cosalá all her life. She is the mother of three children and has always been involved in her community. Irma studied English, therapeutic massage and she has a degree in physiotherapy. She enjoys very much every kind of physical activity like sports walking, and cycling. She also loves nature and sharing knowledge with people, so she is delighted to join ChangeMakers being part of the Circle of Women who advises and guides the program that will help girls achieve success and create change in their environment. 
Irma has been a key person providing CM with advice and support to make contact with the local communities and help us gather our first group of young participants. Thank you, Irma, for your commitment and enthusiasm. You have brought joy and vision to our organization! 


Irma Rameño García is a ChangeMakers Inspiradora (Program Advisor) from San Juan Cosalá. Irma has been valuable in recruiting motivated girls to be part of the new ChangeMakers program. She is committed, enthusiastic, and brings joy and vision to our organization.

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