ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Dawna Pachkowsky

Dawna Pachkowsky is a Canadian who has lived in Mexico for the past eight years. She has dedicated herself to learning Spanish and integrating into the Mexican community and has experienced tremendous personal growth here.  Life has blessed her with a three-year-old little girl who is a “Triple D”: dynamic, daring and dramatic. Life as a mom has been challenging and liberating!

While having a degree in Psychology and a Masters in International Development, it has been Dawna’s opportunity to travel that has inspired and driven her to participate in social change. Building community and facilitating change are her biggest passions and the roots of all her actions.

Currently, Dawna is working hard with her partner to open up a space in San Antonio that seeks to inspire the community to get to know each other and work together towards personal and social change. They believe that taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits by respecting and protecting Mother Earth should be our great focus.


Many of the ChangeMakers Girls are participating in an organic gardening project lead by Inspiradora Dawna Pachkowsky.

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