ChangeMakers Lake Chapala

Alejandra Lazcano

Alejandra Lazcano is bilingual, a Public Accountant, Real Estate Agent, certified exercise coach, animal rights activist, wife, and mother of a teenage son.  She stays busy!  
I am driven by social justice, and by the well-being of women and children,” she explained.  Alejandra believes that the empowerment and education of women are the backbone of not just families, but also of a healthy society.  She believe that sisterhood among women makes us stronger.  We welcome Alejandra to the sisterhood of ChangeMakers.


ChangeMakers Inspiradora Alejandra Lazcano works as a realtor and dynamic exercise instructor, volunteers for other nonprofits, has a family and still wants to dedicate time to ChangeMakers because she believes it is really important work. Her video tells you why she is carving room into her schedule to be a ChangeMakers volunteer.

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